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Get It Girl Fitness

Fitness and Fun

Thank you for your interest in Get It Girl Fitness. Use my contact information to get in touch with me today.


Strengthen Yourself Through Sisterhood

Hello! My name is LaTona Whitaker and welcome to Get It Girl Fitness! I offer fitness boot camps for women from 18 to 77 years of age. But, don't let the term "boot camp" scare you. I make sure that each class I conduct is fun, enjoyable, and easy to follow. I design exercises that cater to your specific fitness level. You get to progress at your own pace.

Additionally, you'll be surrounded by women who have the same wellness goals as you. This fosters an environment where you get to support and encourage each other as you adopt healthier lifestyles.

Browse through my site to learn more about how I can help you. Get in touch with me in San Pablo, California today!

Mission Statement

My goal is to build a sisterhood founded on fitness where participants enjoy and look forward to getting fit.

About Me

I established Get It Girl Fitness in May 2017. With the goal to provide a service for women only. My focus was to develop a safe space where they can feel free to be themselves, be comfortable to come as they are, build sisterhood and fitness, and have fun while working out.

After years of struggling with my own weight, I discovered a method that worked. I'm the type that gets bored easily, so I found myself doing something different everyday—even going to several different gyms in the same week.

I would jump from boot camp to dance and then to step. So, when starting Get It Girl Fitness, I wanted it to reflect the way I like to work out, and that is something different every day that my ladies respond well to that.


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